The Whole Story

My enthusiasm for reading has been ingrained within me from the tender age of 5, when I recited The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the second-grade class in my elementary school. Sure, I called it the very hungry callapitter, but I was on my way. I read everything I could get my hands on.

And it continued. The public library always had my name on some sort of waiting list. In fact, I'm pretty sure they ordered a few series when I requested them. I still see some of those books at the library, dog-eared with cracked spines. Others have loved them as much as I have, I'm sure.

I kept blazing my way through book after book, and even began playing the part of critic by participating on goodreads. Halfway into professional school, however, when it came down to "do I study for this exam or finish this book?", I realized that something had to give. I had just started this book blog. I ignored it for a few years while finishing school and completing a residency. Now that I am gainfully employed, I finally have a few hours here and there where I can sit down and truly get lost in a book. So I am back. Hopefully with consistency.

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