My ratings scale:
1 Star: Really bad. It was all I could do to finish this book, and I resented every turn of the page. This is also rare.

1.5 Stars: This book had its moments, but overall something was lacking. Difficult to finish.

2 Stars: I read it. Not my favorite. 'Nuff said.

2.5 Stars: This book was okay. It was interesting enough to finish, but didn't do all that much for me.

3 Stars: This book had potential. Good, but for a few issues.

3.5 Stars: I enjoyed this book. It was fun, held my interest, and left me with a smile on my face. I don't regret a single thing about it.

4 Stars: I really liked this book. It is at this point that I will probably start telling you to read it.

4.5 Stars: I loved the book. It either left me with one of those goofy-grins or the warm fuzzies. Alternately, the book held me hostage in the best possible way until the ending.

5 Stars: Simply put, amazing. Fun / Swoon-worthy / Exciting / Original. I loved everything about this book and will try to make every single person I know, including my mom, read it. I will try to reserve this rating for my favorites--the ones that I will definitely be re-reading in the future (once I get my copy back). ;)

I want to start off by stating that I receive no compensation for any of my reviews.

My reviews are honest. If I love a book, you'll know it--likewise, I make no apologies about books that just don't cut it for me.
I almost never quit reading a book, always pressing on, hoping that something might happen to make me forget whatever (probably) pissed me off to begin with.

I love, Love, LOVE getting recommendations from others about what they've been enjoying lately, and I need to admit that once I finish a book I like to find others who have read it and have a proper pow-wow.

To all authors and publishers:
While I have a soft spot for YA and high school / college / fluffy tales, I also adore being transported to worlds with features and beings of which I could only dream. I have a penchant for dystopian tales. Fantasy and paranormal stories captivate me.

I would love to review or promote your book if you would like for me to read it. I will accept ARCs and finished copies, and if you have e-books I have a nook that is essentially an extension of myself. However, I also reserve the right to pick and choose which books I accept.

All books I receive will be reviewed in a timely manner (usually within one to two months), in the order in which they are delivered. As stated earlier I almost always finish the books that I begin reading. If I am having a particularly difficult time getting through a book, I may set it aside for a short period of time before giving it another fresh look.

I try to be honest and fair in my reviews. I will refrain from dragging a book through the gutter if I hated it, but I won't gloss over the fact that there are issues if something bothers me. On the other hand, if I love a book, the WORLD will know. In addition to my blog twitter, I have a couple "real life" accounts and am constantly raving about my latest "greatest reads."

Recommending books to others and watching their reactions once they've read them is one of my favorite things about the internet (...and real life, of course). I love to jump in when they're done and have a grand ol' discussion.

Any books I receive will be eligible for Giveaways through my blog, unless you specifically state otherwise.

If you have any questions, please contact me at